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Data Driven Insight

We provide you with a free-of-charge mixed analysis

Machine data aggregation

The power of big data at your fingertips. Squeeze out the most of huge chunks of datas, make them work in your benefit. Tools to better your knowledge and assist you in every step.

Short term vs Long term optimisation stratgey

Rome was not built in a day. Your website will not be able to reach the 1st page on the search engine result page, overnight. It needs hard work, persistence and most of all, planning.

Human input and valuation

TF-IDF analyzers, SERP checker, DKI, domain ranking, LSI and so on: all these are crucial tools and indicators, but they can only serve their purpose if wielded properly. This is where our SEO superstars come in. We do not simply crunch data and print out reports. We have a team of optimisation wizards that are putting their expertise, experience and intuition at work.

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